Selling Items

I want to sell books and CDs. Please advise how.

Just bring your item to your nearest BOOKOFF store. We buy even only one book or CD. Appointment is not necessary.

What kind of items can I sell? And at what price?

For what kind of items you can sell, please check the section of “HOW TO SELL”. We may not be able to buy some items depending on the condition. Even in the case of identical books or CDs, please note that depending on the condition, some may not be acceptable or prices may vary. Circumstances also vary depending on the inventory status at each store. The final purchasing price is decided on site after actually evaluating the items. And therefore, basically quotation cannot be given in advance. We hope you understand our policy.

Do I need my ID when selling books or CDs?

We request your Government-issued photo ID (Drivers license, passport etc.) when you are selling ANY items. In case a child under the age of 18 is selling items, we request the parent to accompany the child (We request the parent to write their names on the purchase form). Regardless of above stipulation, BookOff reserves the right to request the customer to show their ID at anytime, when deemed necessary.

Can we sell the books/CDs that we bought at BookOff?

Yes you can sell the books/CDs that you bought at BookOff. In such a case, we will not reduce our purchase price for the reason that the books were purchased at our stores (We can tell by the price tag on the book). We will evaluate the books using our regular pricing standards.
However, the purchase price and the range of purchase condition will vary depending on the inventory status at each store, so please understand.

If you are not satisfied with the above answer, please contact our stores.

Can we sell magazines and foreign books?

In case of magazines or foreign books, purchasing method may vary at each store. For example, you cannot sell old weekly magazines, comic magazines, business magazines, and fashion magazines that are affected by time and trend. But, you can sell Japanese fashion magazines within 3 months of the publication date. Therefore, please inquire directly to the store where you are selling.

Can we sell dictionaries and reference books?

Yes you can sell dictionaries and reference books. However, you may not be able to sell your books due to the publication date or condition of the books. You also cannot sell the books with write-ins or marker signs on them.

If you are not satisfied with the above answer, please contact our stores.

Refund / Exchange

I bought a game but it did not work well. Can I exchange it for a good one?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Regardless of Games, Books, CDs or other softwares, if there was a defect on the product, we will check the receipt and exchange it with the same product if we have in stock. If we do not, we will refund your money back. Please contact the store where you purchased the product.

The cover of the book and the content was different. The jacket of the CD and the content was different too.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We will check the receipt, and exchange them with the right product if we have them in stock, and if we do not, then we will refund your money back. Please contact the store where you purchased the product.

There were underlines marked on pages, some pages were ripped, and there were stains on some of the books that I purchased.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The store that you purchased the books will check the receipt and make exchange or refund accordingly.

Customer Service

I was stopped at the alarm sound when I was leaving the store. I was suspected of shoplifting and was very uncomfortable.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Shoplifting done by a very small portion of the customers are increasing in recent years. Therefore, as a preventive measure, we installed the security gate at the entrance. However, one of the problems is that the security gate also reacts to rental videos, to tags the staff forgot to remove from products, or to tags still remaining on products purchased at other stores. At BookOff, we do our best to apologize to our customers and clarify the reason for the alarm being triggered. We hope you will understand this action taken by our staff.

If you are not satisfied with the above answer, please contact our stores.


Please advise where the BOOKOFF stores are located. Do you have a list of stores?

We have the list of stores shown in the store locator page on our web site.  >Find Store Here

I am searching for a certain book. Please advise the availability in your nationwide inventory.

Unfortunately, we do not have a data base of nationwide inventory at present, so we cannot inform you of the availability.

but please contact your nearest store to see if they can help.

I was informed that the book that I am searching for is found at the BOOKOFF store located far away from my place. Can you transfer the book to the nearest BOOKOFF store?

We apologize but we do not deal with transfer services.

I was told that the book at $1.00 section turned out to be a $3.00 book

We apologize for the inconvenience. Sometimes the books are misplaced by other customers or in a few occasions, the price tags are pealed off by accident. We kindly request that the customer check the price tag before deciding to purchase a book.