Happy 4th of July 2019

Happy 4th of July!


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lady reading book

What genre of books do you usually read?

If you continue reading for a while, you will find the tendency of the genre of what you read. However, if you stick to the specific genre too much, there would be a less chance for encountering new books.


Therefore, I would like to recommend this time, omnibus book (anthology book).

I was helped by anthology books in order to expand the scope of my reading. I would like to introduce the advantages of the antholoy book while also including my experience.

The advantages of anthology books

book shelf

An anthology book is a book that collects sentences (works) from various authors under a specific theme.

Some people may be avoiding it somehow, but anthology books have a lot of advantages.

You can touch various styles

One of the causes that people struggle for trying to read works by new writer is “having hard time on the style”.

However, getting used to various styles is a great weapon in your reading life.

Knowing different styles means having different thinking circuits.

In everyday life, when listening to and discussing other people’s stories, it helps to understand if you know the appropriate styles of various expressions and situations.
People with intellectual depth can use a wide range of styles, from hard styles to humorous soft styles.


My world spreads

The main reason to recommend reading anthology books is that “the breadth of interest expands.”

Knowing one’s unknown world through anthology books is an opportunity to be humble and also leads to gaining new perspectives.

In these days in this diverse society, don’t you think it may be very important to know different perspectives in different fields?

We can read easily in a short time

Even if you don’t have time to sit down at the desk, you can easily finish reading one story and that’s a good point of the anthology. The ease of finish reading in such a short time like during one train ride can be uniqueness of an anthology book.


It is hard to be discouraged

The work included in the anthology book is the highlight of a long story, or it is a short, cool story. In other words, there are many works that can be read at once.

So, you don’t have to remember complicated relationships like when you read a long novel, or you don’t have to experience like “the discouragement of stop reading after 120 pages”.

Anthology book is a gateway to the unknown

reading book

An anthology book is a guide that can meet unexpected masterpieces.

If you don’t know what to read, or if you are getting tired of reading books recently, I recommend that you take a look at the anthology book.

If you feel resistance to the anthology book, why don’t you try one book at a second hand bookstore for the time being?

This content is originally created by BOOKOFF ONLINE in Japan.

Woman Reading book

Can you absolutely say “I like this writer!”?

To whom reads a lot of books but doesn’t have a favorite writer in particular, or starts reading books from now, find your favorite artist and enjoy your reading life one step further?


Good things if you have a favorite writer

Book with flower

◆ From self-introduction, to friends …… Or to love?

When the new season comes, not only the goodbye but there are also many encounters.
And when encountering to new people, most likely we introduce ourselves each other, but how do you answer to the usual question “What is your hobby?”

If you answer “Hobby is reading”, you may often receive questions such as “What kind of book do you read?”
In this case, it is probably safe to talk about the genre (category of books), but if the other person is a considerable reader, it tends to easily connect to talk about “who do you like?”

In other words, in such a scene if you can give the name of your favorite writer in addition to the genre, you can not only give the impression of this person is surely a person who reads a lot of books, but also can dig in that topic deeper and leave your own impression on the other, which can be said that it is full of good effects.

Also, the name given as a favorite writer coincidentally matches! Then, friendship will eventually develop into love from a common hobby ……?
We can expect such a happy funny situation! You can’t expect more!


◆ No trouble in choosing a book

Although some stores have books organized by genre, most bookstores organize their shelves by publisher and author.
You may be able to find the book you want to buy by reading the synopsis of the book, but there are so many volumes!

It is hard to find the book that you want to read now by going through all of those synopses.

You came to find and buy a book with great enthusiasm, but you could wander which one to buy and could end up going home without buying any….

That’s so sad.
In such a case, if there is a favorite writer, the range of the target to be selected becomes narrow and easy to select.
In addition, there is no failure because it is your favorite writer, so the winning rate of getting your satisfaction will go up many times more than just challenging with no single clue.


◆ Easier to step into new genres

There are many people who know your favorite genre.
I love romance, I like mystery, I like historical things … and so on.

Just as your taste of the genre is dozens of colors, each writer’s world is also different, such as dozens of colors, or more, one hundred people one hundred colors, and so on.
This writer’s world is too sad, or that writer’s is cheesy….

If you start getting the idea of “I like the story of this writer, but don’t like much that writer’s”, it makes easier to meet a writer that suits your taste even when you step into other genres, or to be able to discover your hidden flavors by comparing those writers. And you can improve the quality of your reading experience.


How do I know a writer?

Finding book

If you go to a bookstore, you will find many books and names, but in order to meet your favorite writer, you must first know what kind of writers are out there.
Let’s find the name you care about.


◆ Find out from  award winning works (Like :Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize)

The Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize, which became a big topic especially when the comedian Mr. Matayoshi from PIECE won the Akutagawa Prize, are very prestigious awards in Japan.

The Akutagawa Prize is an award given to anonymous and new artists in pure literature, and the Naoki Award is an award for popular novels by mid-level artists in addition to anonymous and new artists, and such awards will give a good starting point to become prominent writers.
We can check the winners of each award from the Japanese literature magazine “Bungei-Shunjuu”’s website, so we recommend that you look through it once.


◆ Find out from Bookstore Grand Prix award winning works

The Bookstore Grand Prix is ​​an award chosen by bookstores nationwide. There is no exaggeration to say that among the other awards this award reflects the reader’s opinion the most.
People who work for selling books are the ones who choose the book for this award, so you can often meet writers such as “I didn’t know this!”
This can also be confirmed by the award-winning writers and entry level writers from the official site.


◆ Find out from visual works

You can also get to know the writer from a movie or drama based on a novel.
If you see something in a movie or drama and you think you like this atmosphere, please check the name of the writer who wrote the original novel.


◆ From a modern literary writer

The names of Soseki Natsume and other artists who were very active and popular in the modern era are frequently up and learned in school and probably many people still remember in their heads.
Aren’t there any writers who have left an impression to you as a tool of using those names to memorize some important sentences by making puns for school?
If you try to dig up your old memories, you might come up with many writers who you  have known unexpectedly.


Let’s read the work

Reading book with coffee

If you find a writer you care about, let’s find his/her work right away.


◆ Read the first work

Have you ever heard of the word that his/her first work has all of that writer?
If you read the first work/debut work and find something you really like, I recommend you to continue reading the same writer’s book.


◆ Read the work which can say “This is the one if you read this writer!”

Recently, when I visit a bookstore, I often find such pop card signs or flyers saying,
“If you read ○ ○ (writer), start from this work!”. For example, if you read Soseki Natsume, then start from “Bo-chan”.
It should be interesting if the message is from a bookstore clerk or a publisher. If you find such a card or flyer placed on the writer you care about, you might follow these instructions.


Find your favorite writer!

What did you think?

If the books which you used to choose without any attention have become your favorite artist’s work, then don’t you think you become more attached to it and look forward to the new issue coming out?
When you find your favorite artist, you can see the color of your favorite artist, and it will be easier for you to open up your taste and go a little further from there.

By all means, meet your favorite artist and have a richer reading life!


This content is originally created by BOOKOFF ONLINE in Japan.


Even if you are the person who really like to read novels, I think there are novels that fit your taste and don’t.

However, probably everyone wants to read a novel that suits them, if possible?

Here are some ways to find a novel that suits you.

If you are thinking of reading a book from now, or if you are wondering what to read next, please refer to this column.


Basic method to do first

Paperback same series

“Writer Reading” to Meet by a Writer

The first way to meet a novel that suits you is to read another work of the author who wrote your favorite work. This is called “writer reading”.

If you are fascinated by the writer’s atmosphere and world view, you can meet your favorite works this way. However, this is not the case if you are interested in the work alone rather than the writer.

For example, if your favorite work is a mystery novel and you are attracted to the trick for that work. In such a case, it is unlikely that the same trick will appear in other works, so even if you read a same writer’s work, you may not always find the trick you like.

So before starting to do the “writer reading”, it might be a good idea to understand what you are attracted to by that work of that writer.


“Genre Reading” to meet by the genre

Reading Harry potter

Next is how to search by genre. The story is simple.

First of all, pick the work that you liked among the works you read in the past. Then next you see the genre of the work.
And you will look for the work to read next from that genre. If the genre of your favorite work is mystery, then look for the book from mystery genre, and SF then SF, and this is the way to look for the book, “Genre Reading”.

If you are attracted to the style and atmosphere of the work, or the author’s philosophy, etc., better be doing “Writer Reading”.
“Genre reading” if you are attracted to the composition and settings of the story.

When I look for a work to read, I think that the probability of encountering a favorite work will increase greatly by just being aware of this.

These methods may be a way that many people are doing without ever being told, but as the basics to find a work that suits you, these are the first ones to keep in your mind.


Method to which apply “Writer Reading”

Reading Book

Let’s meet by the writer by whom your favorite writer was affected

There is a limit to the number of works that an author writes. So, if you continue reading, you will soon have no work to read from that author. Therefore, the next method to take is the work of the writer who influenced your favorite writer.

Many writers have proclaimed “the writer who influenced me”. Therefore, let’s refer to that and select the work of “the writer by whom your favorite writer has been influenced”. There is an increase in the probability of encountering a better work than just searching for a writer or a work at random.

And if you find more favorite writers, then do the same thing again. Next time you can look for another writers’ works who influenced those favorite writers ….

It goes on and on like that. It will expand your area of your interest on reading and the probability of meeting with your favorite books is increased.


Let’s meet by a literary award won by a favorite writer

Novelists are often the winners of some literary awards. The reason is that there are many cases in which many writers acquire newcomer award for their debut.

If you find a favorite writer, let’s find out what kind of newcomer award the writer is from and what kind of literature award he/she has won.

These can be found by searching on the internet, but in many cases it may be better to open the book to see the list of award in the author introduction page.

If you know the award won by your favorite writer, let’s check that award next time. And let’s choose a work from the past award winning works.

The winning works of the same literary award tend to be similar in genre, which makes it easier to meet works that suit you.


Here are two points.

Read the writer by whom your favorite writer was affected.
Look at the literary awards. Find your favorite literary award if you can.

If you do these two, you will be more likely to meet with the work that suits you.


A little special way “Label Reading”

Japanese Books

Finally, I will introduce something special method. It’s a way of finding works which suits you by the publisher label.

Recently, publisher labels are increasing, so finding works by labels is one way.

Taking “Kodansha” (Publisher) as an example, Kodansha has labels such as Kodansha Novels, Kodansha Taiga, Kodansha Ranobe Bunko, and Kodansha Bunko.

There are characteristics of each label. “Kodansha Taiga” is a light literary art, “Kodansha Ranobe” is a light novel, and “Kodansha Novels” has a strong tendency of publishing a mystery.

“Label Reading” is a way to see such a tendency and find a novel that suits you by the labels. If you find a publisher label that suits you, you will have a lot more opportunities to meet your favorite works.



If you find your favorite writer, literary award, or label, you will have more opportunities to meet your favorite work.

You will be able to meet efficiently if you find and analyze some of the products by the methods described above.

If you have trouble choosing a novel, please try these.


This content is originally created by BOOKOFF ONLINE in Japan.

Book heart

There are so many books in the world.

When you think that you want to read something interesting, general way of searching is to search by genre and author name.

But in fact, it is still difficult to find what you really want to read and which books you are interested in.

This time I will share with you how I find and meet my new favorite books.

What am I interested in?

Looking for Book

When I just wanted to read something vaguely interesting, no purpose, no specific idea in my head, I first visit a secondhand bookstore.

 There the shelves are roughly classified and divided into categories; domestic fiction, foreign writers, non fiction (business, self-help etc), art books and more.

 Take a random glance to the titles and if something catches my eyes, I pick them up and check the cover, back cover, index, synopsis and go through couple of pages.

Picking up itself is intuitive but these titles are the keywords that help me to clarify what is my interest for the moment.

If you feel like it’s not as interesting as you thought, just put them back to the shelves.

(You can follow your intuition😉)

After having keywords of my interest

Flower on the Book

It’s great if I buy all the titles that attracted me, but my budget and time are kind of limited.

So, I choose the most interesting ones for now and buy them. For the rest, I take a memo of the titles, authors and keywords (or just remember them) and I google them later. Then I can find even more related books or another keywords that specifies more my interest.

 On the web, you can find more detailed synopsis and reviews (even spoilers), so that you can get ready for new encounter with new favorite books.

 I’m not sure if this works best to find out my best of the best books, but I think this is a repeating process to sharpen my sense to choose good books for me.

Explore your book journey😉

Have a good reading day!!


This content is originally created by BOOKOFF ONLINE in Japan.

women holding books

Around 200 new books are being published everyday, not only a few times you find yourself in the situation of discovering a new book and saying “Oh, this kind of book was here” at the section other than new-released books.

Nowadays, it has become a convenient world where you can easily collect information on the Internet, but where do you get the information on books?

So, this time, I took the survey of where people getting that information by giving as many options of that route as possible.

Oh, even there are some people who say “nothing”.


You find the book you (on the spot)?

at the books store

If you look at the result of survey, you can see there are a lot of answers of “POPs (advertisement fliers) and flat loading products at bookstores” which indicates many books you want to buy can be found at bookstores!. After all it looks like people feel easy and comfortable to buy books with their own eyes on the spot.

I am also one of the “groups finding the books in bookstores”, and if I see a book placed flat on a shelf of my favorite genre in a bookstore or a corner created by a clerk, I will see at a glance. As there are a huge amount of books, it’s also quite difficult to find the book I want to read (it’s fun to look for, though), so I think it’s easy to look for if there is a particular corner in place.


Power of TV, newspaper

news paper

We can not underestimate the power by television and newspaper for getting the information. In terms of “TV programs,” there are cases where the information spreads like wildfire because of “popular entertainers introducing”, etc., or like when a comedian, Mr. Matayoshi, received the Akutagawa Prize (one of the most valuable prize for authors) for his book “sparks”, it was taken up actively on the news.

Of course, there may be more opportunities of information to be found in commercials and so on, and there may be people who read through the book review section of the newspaper. Depending on the bookstore, there may be a corner of “Books whose reviews have been published in ○ ○ Newspapers.”

I also have an experience of working at bookstore, and there were many cases that customers who had newspaper clippings of particular books often asked for those inventory confirmation, and it seems that there are not a few cases where a book review etc. finds a book to be read.


Effective use of SNS is also effective

Using Smartphone

Among the results, there are 7.0% of popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and it seems that many people use it effectively. Facebook may be used mostly for socializing with friends, but on Twitter with strong anonymity you can relatively easily follow an account that you are interested in. You can follow the account of a bookstore clerk or editor of a magazine you are interested in, and get information of such as recommended books.

Also, it seems that more and more people are using reading records in the image type SNS / Instagram. If you add images and a comment on the book you read and add a hash tag such as “#Reading”, you will receive comments from other users, or recommendation like “If you like that book, read this”. You can meet books in this way as well.


Interleaved adverts will also be helpful

Ads sandwiched in a book. I look through those quite often. I do not check carefully, but I just briefly go through. As it is about a book by the author of the book that I bought before, or a new issue from the same publisher, it will be an opportunity to search for a new book.

Recently, there are cases where advertisements are in the form of reductions of the first 10 to 20 pages of that comic. Being able to read part of the actual work is helpful when choosing.

By the way, I have heard that Obi (strip on the dust cover which often shows some phrases of quick review of the book) is created by the editor in charge of the book. There are many books that make the contents of the book easy to understand and concise, but there are also some Obi of books that have an interesting catch copy which amazes us like “It’s a great idea!” You may often look at it without any attention, but if you look at it consciously, you may be able to meet a book that has not been encountered before.


What is the flat loading corner of an online bookstore?

By the way, I have mainly written in the image of a real bookstore so far, but what happens if this is applied to an online bookstore? Since we do not have books in our hands online, we can not look at obi and clip ads, but there is an equivalent of the flat loading corner or the POP ads. That is a corner of “Product recommended for you” and a corner of “○○ special feature” on the site.

You can see both in the BOOKOFF online ↓↓

Recommended products

Special feature list

There are various genres and perspectives, so please search for your favorite one! We will continue to add more in the future.


In search of information on interesting books

How was that? There is no doubt that it’s easy to choose the one you like  if you are at the storefront, because you can get the book itself directly, but there are many other opportunities for us to find the information about the book.

The masterpiece for me could be a work that I have never seen before. It is fun to discover new sources and to check various sources from time to time.

We refuse the diversion only of questionnaire result of article publication.


This content is originally created by BOOKOFF ONLINE in Japan.

Do you have any experience like this?

When you entered a bookstore thinking “I want to read something new for me” but ended up with buying books from the same shelves as usual? Yes, I’ve done the same thing so many times!

So, I tried the followings this time to meet a new book!

Close your eyes then choose a book!

What I tried first is choosing a book while I close my eyes.

My go-to genre is mystery though, I was looking for exploring new genre and authors.

So I went to BOOKOFF store!

Avoiding historical novels (as they don’t go well with me), I stopped in front of the fiction book section, and then tightly closed my eyes.

 closed my eyes.

Any genre is acceptable if it is not a thick book ……. I hoped so.

Sliding my index finger close to book spines (not touching as not to feel the thickness of these books) then,

I decided on you !!

I decided on you !!”(shouting in my head)

 Pointing at a book and I opened my eyes.

I was just relieved as it was not a thick book at all.



Tips for choosing a book by pointing with eye closed

“Tips?? The only trick is to just point the book with my finger, right?”

Some of you may think that. However, there are some points in this method.

Let me share it.


★Point 1

Don’t go to the shelves that you really do not like


This is important.

Even it’s new for you, still it is difficult to keep reading if you chose from the genre that you really don’t like.

Take a glance of all the shelves and pick a shelf which contains authors’ work that you have never read, or a genre which is neutral, but you have not read. Or try by all means!


★Point 2

Check only the title and author, not the contents

Book Shelf

After confirming the title and author, go directly to the cashier without seeing any contents!  If you read a synopsis or text even a little, you get caught by the feeling like “should I buy or not?”

 It’s Carpe Diem, have fun with what you chose.


★Point 3

people who are concerned about the surroundings are two people than one


Some of you will be worried about this method may seem little bit strange to people around you. You can avoid awkwardness and have some fun time if you bring your friends or family member.

Just be careful not to bother other customers 😉


Keep these points and try it!

Enjoy your new encounter with new books!!

(My personal recommendation is trying this method at children book section!!)

This content is originally created by BOOKOFF ONLINE in Japan.

20 years in business

[20 years]


October 8, 1999.

It’s the date when BOOKOFF USA INC. was established on.


So, this year 2019, it marks our 20th anniversary!!

20 years?! That’s the long long way, isn’t it?


Our first store in the United States, New York store, opened in April 2000 near Grand Central Station on 41st Street.


Deliver Japanese books to Japanese people living in New York


That is what we were aiming at the very beginning.

We wanted to deliver the culture of home country to those who are trying various challenges overseas.

Also, since Japanese books were very expensive overseas at that time, we wanted to offer Japanese books in an affordable price.


The city of New York was hit by great sadness in 2001 and we were also in deep sorrow.

But still we tried making a place where people could get relaxed and find good aspects of life.

Gradually we nurtured and built a good relationship with customers who come to the store.


Then, our challenge was taking in California, we launched a store in Los Angeles in 2001.

Since then California became our major state to open BOOKOFF stores.


At first, our major customers were Japanese people, but naturally the number of English-native customers increased.

And these local customers brought us more and more English books, CDs, DVDs and Video games.

Customers also asked us, “Are there stores with more English books?”. So, our focus gradually shifted to “open more stores with more English books!”


In 2009, the first English-item-only store (we call this type of store Global BOOKOFF), Westminster Mall Store opened.

The English books and other items in the store shelves were what we had prepared over 9 years.

The grand opening was on Black Friday at 5 AM.


I still clearly remember the scenes from the opening day; first customers lined up in the early morning, the managers and staff were happy to welcome customers, customers were very excited and filling their baskets with lots of items.



Now we have 10 stores in the United States.

The items sold by our customers in each area make our stores rich and diverse.


Currently, there are 5 stores with Japanese and English products, and 5 stores with English-only. (By the way, Gardena store has the largest number of Japanese products, so it may be the closest to the very first store we opened in US.)


Our used items have also expanded not only books but CDs, DVDs, video games, figures and electronic devices. (There were various trials and errors;).


It past 20 years but our challenge never stops!!


(History of BOOKOFF USA INC. in the United States)

October 1999

 BOOKOFF USA INC. Established

April, 2000

 Our first store “New York Store” opened (closed/relocated in 2010)

August 2001

 The first West Coast Store “Gardena Store” opened (renamed from Los Angeles Store in 2012)

January 2003

“Costa Mesa store” opened (October 2004 transferred from a Franchisee company)

April 2004

New York Hartsdale Store” opened (closed/integrated to New York Store in 2007)

October 2005

“LA Rolling Hills Plaza store” opened (closed/integrated to Del Amo Fashion Center Store in 2010)

Mar. 2008                   

 “San Diego Store” opened

November 2009

 First English-item-only store (=Global BOOKOFF) “Westminster Mall Store” opened

October 2010

 “49 West 45th Street New York Store” opened (relocated from New York Store).

August 2010

The second GBO (=Global BOOKOFF) store “Dela Amo Fashion Center Store” opens

March 2013

Mar. 3rd GBO store “Lakewood Center Mall Store” opened.

July 2017

“Hawaii Pearlridge Store” (Closed/relocated in October of the same year)

“Hawaii Don Quijote Kaheka store” *both transferred from a Franchisee company

October 2017

“Hawaii Pearlridge Uptown Store” opened (relocated)

October 2017

 Seasonal store “Del Amo Fashion Center North Store” opened

February 2018

 Seasonal store “New York Amsterdam Store” opened (closed in July 2018 as contract closure)

Nice to see you here! We are BOOKOFF USA.

Some of you have heard our name, have ever visited our stores, or some are new to us, welcome everyone!!

We are glad to see you here.

We will introduce ourselves in this blog several times for you to know us.


First, our roots.

Where did we come from?



Yes, we are a company from Japan.

Dating back in 1990, the first BOOKOFF store opened.

Sagamihara city in Kanagawa prefecture (Maybe Yokohama city is more familiar name for Kanagawa).

Located in residential area of ​​the bed-town city, thats where our story began.

It was a small “second-hand bookstore”.

 But it was quite different from other second-hand bookstores at that time.


The image of secondhand bookstore in Japan until then was dark, dirty and dusty, where only hardcore type of book lovers visits, and the threshold of buyback was high. So, it was not a friendly place to everyone.


Therefore, the founder created a new concept of secondhand bookstore and applied to the first BOOKOFF; beautiful, bright and clean place. It’s just like a regular retail store. It seems easy for everyone to enter. No hesitation for customer to bring in their books.

 It was also distinctive that the books werent sealed or packed, so that customers could easily check the contents and choose their favorite books.

※This is not particularly special  in here USA, but in Japan usually

At the book stores, brand-new books, especially Mangas, are in sealed in plastic bags. Also, even in the second-hand bookstore at the time, books were in plastic bags. If you want to see the contents, you must ask store staff to open it.

(How we can decide to buy or not without knowing its content?)

 Meanwhile, BOOKOFF just put cleanly-processed Mangas and novels on shelves as they were. You could reach as many books as you wanted. Encounter with books became unlimited.  For the children, it was a paradise of books.

And not only children but also adults began choosing their favorite books with fun.


About the buyback service, BOOKOFF also changed the approach.

Most of the secondhand bookstore at that time used the word We buy your books, but BOOKOFF used Please sell us your books.

This word which puts more importance to our customers who bring in their precious items is still used in all the BOOKOFF stores.

(Oh, By the way, this word was an invention of a part-time staff of the first store.

This lady, later, she became the chairman of BOOKOFF.)


The concept of new-type secondhand bookstore was well accepted and began to expand dramatically and now there are over 800 stores in Japan. 97% of Japanese people recognize what BOOKOFF is.

Merchandise handled in Japan now are not only Books but also CDs, DVDs, Video games, figures, apparel, sporting goods, accessories and watches. (You may be surprised because our US stores are based on mostly books.)


After the big growth in Japan, BOOOKOFF had a new ambition, “We want to deliver Japanese books to Japanese in overseas”

In 2000, finally, the challenge of BOOKOFF started in New York, USA began.



by A.Yonemoto (=米本, in Japanese, these syombols mean “America and Book”. Is it a coincidence?)

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