Do you have any experience like this?

When you entered a bookstore thinking “I want to read something new for me” but ended up with buying books from the same shelves as usual? Yes, I’ve done the same thing so many times!

So, I tried the followings this time to meet a new book!

Close your eyes then choose a book!

What I tried first is choosing a book while I close my eyes.

My go-to genre is mystery though, I was looking for exploring new genre and authors.

So I went to BOOKOFF store!

Avoiding historical novels (as they don’t go well with me), I stopped in front of the fiction book section, and then tightly closed my eyes.

 closed my eyes.

Any genre is acceptable if it is not a thick book ……. I hoped so.

Sliding my index finger close to book spines (not touching as not to feel the thickness of these books) then,

I decided on you !!

I decided on you !!”(shouting in my head)

 Pointing at a book and I opened my eyes.

I was just relieved as it was not a thick book at all.



Tips for choosing a book by pointing with eye closed

“Tips?? The only trick is to just point the book with my finger, right?”

Some of you may think that. However, there are some points in this method.

Let me share it.


★Point 1

Don’t go to the shelves that you really do not like


This is important.

Even it’s new for you, still it is difficult to keep reading if you chose from the genre that you really don’t like.

Take a glance of all the shelves and pick a shelf which contains authors’ work that you have never read, or a genre which is neutral, but you have not read. Or try by all means!


★Point 2

Check only the title and author, not the contents

Book Shelf

After confirming the title and author, go directly to the cashier without seeing any contents!  If you read a synopsis or text even a little, you get caught by the feeling like “should I buy or not?”

 It’s Carpe Diem, have fun with what you chose.


★Point 3

people who are concerned about the surroundings are two people than one


Some of you will be worried about this method may seem little bit strange to people around you. You can avoid awkwardness and have some fun time if you bring your friends or family member.

Just be careful not to bother other customers 😉


Keep these points and try it!

Enjoy your new encounter with new books!!

(My personal recommendation is trying this method at children book section!!)

This content is originally created by BOOKOFF ONLINE in Japan.

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